Workshops with Paul Hill and Maria Falconer

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Live Workshop Programme

We are so excited to announce the return of live workshops! We are hoping to add more very soon but we will be kicking off with A Creative Audience at the end of July and then Performing for the Camera in September.
Live Workshop Programme 2021- Details

Online Workshops

But for those of you who may not be ready to 'go live' just yet, or are looking for something to get your teeth into right now, we still have a range of online workshops for you to choose from.
These online workshops operate in similar way to regular workshops, with a balance of presentations, exercises and feedback, but now all delivered directly to you via Zoom.

The Bigger Picture

Join a small group of curious photographers embarking on a six session journey of discovery to explore, discuss, experiment and make work around a topical theme.

Online April 18th - June 27th, 2021

Making Unique Portraits

The term 'photographic portrait' can bring to mind an image of something rather formal and staged. On this workshop, however, you will learn how to break all the rules and create unique portraits that really tell us something about the subject.

Online May 20th, 2021

Seeing Photographically

How we translate the three-dimensional world into an interesting two-dimensional picture is often referred to as the art of photography. This popular classic workshop invites you to explore this fascinating process.


Online May 8th & 9th, 2021

Live Workshop Programme 2021- Details

Performing for the Camera - Nottingham

You won't find another workshop like this in the UK (or anywhere else as far as we know). Over the course of two days, you will have the opportunity to work with many wonderful dancers, on location, in the studio and in the theatre. This workshop will push your creativity to the max!

Dance4, Nottingham September 8th and 9th, 2021

Ooh La Loire! The Loire Valley, France

Based in the stunning Château de Montsoreau-Museum of contemporary art, this workshop will be full of inspiration, challenges and fun!

Montsoreau, The Loire June 7th - 12th 2022

A Creative Audience

As image makers how do we react to the work of others? And how in turn does that influence our own practice? This workshop invites you to submerge yourself in both roles - photographer and audience - and draw on the experience to create new work.

July 30th - Aug. 1st, 2021

Performing for the Camera - Edinburgh, Scotland

A one day version of our highly succesful action packed Dance Photography Workshop. You will have the opportunity to work with many wonderful dancers on location and in the theatre. We guarantee that you will come out buzzing!

Dance Base, Edinburgh Postponed
date TBC

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The Photographers Place 1976 to 1996

The fabled Photographers Place was the first residential photography workshop in Britain and ran in the the Peak District of Derbyshire for 20 years.

The most renowned photographers of that era gave master classes there and many of today‘s contemporary photographers have been influenced by attending those workshops.


One-to-One Tuition & On Location with Paul Hill.

Paul has been teaching photography for many decades in higher education and was the first professor of photographic practice in a British university. He created the famous Photographers‘ Place group workshops in Derbyshire and has specialised in one-to-one mentoring...


"First Class course! Excellent tuition, friendly tutors and great group!"
Graham Bridgeman-Clarke

"I would highly recommend the workshop and both Paul and Maria who are a fantastic team. An amazing experience and group of people to laugh, have fun with and learn from."
Gerry Atkinson

"Just wonderful. Such a pleasant experience in a truly magical environment. Everyone walks away rejuvenated and a with a new outlook on photography."
Beverly Orr

"Paul and Maria make a really great team!"
Dilys Evans

"Great photography, great teaching and a bunch of very nice people. Paul and Maria really know how to impart information in a sympathetic and memorable way."
Ian Jeffries

"Excellent workshop, great location. Well organized and friendly."
Julie Parker

"Absolutely Brilliant - Learned more in a week than a whole year on my university course!"
Jane Applemore

"Really good fun and friendly, Paul and Maria made learning so much fun, and the rest of the group were very keen to share their knowledge and experience too!"
Simon Priestly

"Loved the workshop - very inspirational, can't wait to come back for another one!"
Kat Morgan

"Photography with a difference - A real learning experience!"
Richard Penn

"Great two days, learned so much! Both Paul and Maria are inspiring teachers."
Sue Willoughby

"A dream team: Paul and Maria are perfectly complimentary and allow their very different work to inspire rather than impress, although of course it does that too. Their sympathetic but incisive critiques are especially helpful and transformative. What a fabulous experience."
Jennifer Simmonds

"This is my fourth workshop with Paul and Maria which speaks for itself. I have always come away inspired to do things better and to do things differently!"
Joyce Featherstone

"Everything about the workshop I found to be an entirely positive experience."
Peter Evans

"The balance of listening, learning and doing is just right and adapted to the skills of the participants."
Mark Wheeler

"Eye opening and thought provoking, a throughly enjoyable experience, thank you."
Carol Cook

"Really made me think about what I was photographing. An excellent forum in which to experiment and play with image making."
Michael Whitehouse

"Totally absorbing, excellent learning experience, superbly orchestrated and delivered."
Sarah Cummins

"Great to spend the weekend with like minded people, led by the inspirational Paul and Maria, Thanks."
Heather Nelson

"Excellent facilities and venue. Well structured and challenging."
Annabel Scrimgour

"I knew that I would be inspired to look at things differently, and this turned out to be true and positive. Thank you both."
Paul Child

"Supportive advice in a friendly atmosphere."
Paul Hollin

"Relaxed, friendly group. Relaxed, friendly and inspiring teachers. Comfortable accommodation and superb food. Learned a lot and would not hesitate to recommend to photographers at all levels."
Jennifer Roberts

"Learning how to create a story with photographs has transformed my seeing eye."
Jeanette Thompson

"A wonderful experience."
Kathie Scarrah

"Simply Superb!"
Roger Lee

"Really good fun and friendly, Paul and Maria made learning so much fun, and the rest of the group were very keen to share their knowledge and experience too."
Simon Priestly

"Loved the workshop - very inspirational, can't wait to come back for another one!"
Kat Morgan

"I really enjoyed last weekend's workshop. I have never done anything like that before and I was a little apprehensive, but yourself and Paul together with the other participants made for a relaxing atmosphere, even if you did test the grey matter!"
Brian Richards